Thank you so much for joining this challenge I really like all entries. Fiona did too. so that why we decided to do 2 prizes. the first will get a plaque and goodies from Fiona the other one will get a piece of my work and some goodies. we hope you don't mind.
We made a video of the drawing...she will upload it soon.

We announce another challenge that will run for 3 month so If you like just join again, you have more time now.........ill put the video here when its up on YouTube,

In this blog post you will see every entry we get for our Christmas eve Challenge.
hope you enjoy all the entries. I really enjoy these entries, especially from  people who made there first ever mixed media project! applause

Elaine Langford Pugh

made a plaque to hang in her house. Gorgeous,


Julie Theis 

 one for me and one for Fi.


 Ildiko Fodor.

she made a tutorial and check her channel!


Ria kooijman

is a dutch lady who entered the challenge but she did not make a plaque or a canvas. but we will include her anyway...its Christmas!

Katie Maginity's


Joy Dandreano

the girl in the picture is her niece


Karin ter Haak

she send pictures like a tutorial....

she made it out of cardboard. used gesso trough a stencil. and used painted pieces of kitchen towel to make texture on the ball. she stamped the fireplace and letters. finishing with silver and gold splatters.

 Cindy van de Kippersluis
check het channel!

Pooja Roy
( she is to pretty)

Joann Gordon
with some tutorial  photo's


Kelly Murton

check het channel!

Yvonne P

Ramona Metz


Lynn scrapitydoohda
check het channel!


Turqouise thoughts
check het channel!


Dawn Nudi

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    Wat een mooie bijdrage, ben benieuwd naar de rest!

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