it goes quick already at day nine. ill show you icads 5/6/7/8.
5. craftroom inspiration 6. upside down 7. bleu 8. explanation mark
( some of them have a tutorial check my YT channel to watch them)

het gaat zo snel alweer een serie van 4 gemaakt. dit zijn 5/6/7/8
5. hobbykamer als inspiratie 6. ondersteboven 7. Blauw 8. uitroepteken
(voor sommigen heb ik een filmpje op mijn youtube channel)

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  1. Hey Renje, I am so glad I signed up for your blog a little while ago (been following yt for ages "inspiredcaroline24"). It means a see even more of your art. The "looking for a way to escape?" is glorious, I have that stamp & adore the bubbles/dots & blues. The last one looks like you paper pieced the flowers & it has a fabric look to it. Gorgeous card too. You know how much I admire your creativity, so many different ideas, wish I had your imagination! Tfs here too. C. :))

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