Day 3 made me think of a different page than Normal. I am hosting a challenge for Art Journey and the prompt says...leave 50% white. So I played with that idea for #lovesummerart.
the link to the processvideo is here


 the stamp sheets from ArtJourney. nl I used.
Tulips and Garden Birds

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  1. Anneke Says:

    Dit is prachtig Renje, je kunt wel!

  2. where is the White space challenge (blog / group) that you mentioned in your video? I would like to check it out
    thanks & have a blessed day

  3. Renje Says:

    Hello Jamie, forgot to put the link in the blogpost. but I did now. click on the red link and you will get there. good luck!

  4. thanks so much & have a super blessed day

  5. Yes, I am quite proud of your keeping to the challenge of 50% white! Very cute page, and I love it! I did get a chuckle, watching the birdie hop around the page, for he looked like he was having quite a bit of fun, deciding which swirl to rest upon. You are so fun to watch!

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