What to do with a lot of Leather? Sell or make something out of it? I got a huge amount of leather and faux leather. The sizes vary from postcard size to A3. Great but what to do with it?
I do like the Midori planners but I don't want to create those.
I just want simple small journals for painting, sketching, journaling or whatever creative thing you can think of to do with a journal.

So i made a small planner for my self and some journals with all purpose paper/ sketch paper and watercolor paper. those I might sell later.
Handmade, simple no bling journals, just the way I like them. hope you like them too.

In the video I show how I made the prints to go in this red planner and I do a flip of this planner in the end.

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  1. Willy Says:

    Ohhh wauw wat mooi Renje, als je 'teveel' leer hebt wil ik wel wat van je afnemen :)

  2. Ik zag deze link en moest toen aan jou denken, met al je leer:
    Als je daarna nog teveel leer over hebt, dan sta ik ook wel open :)

  3. Anneke Says:

    Prachtig. Ik heb het gedeeld op Facebook. Vind het zo gaaf!

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